News Update: Due to the pandemic, clubs are opening, closing and modifying policies constantly. While we update information, please check with the club directly before booking your next inspired workout.
  • Go2Practice, Inc. aggregates all fitness options across the US to create the most inclusive fitness directory allowing businesses to market and consumers to search and find their next amazing workout!

    NEW YORK, N.Y. – Go2Practice, the only comprehensive fitness search on the web announces its launch to make finding fitness anywhere, anytime simple. The new online service showcases an extraordinary database with over 100,000 fitness options across the U.S. in one convenient place. Consumers can pay for what they want, when they want it with no minimum or monthly commitment required. Searches can also be refined to reflect local gym access for popular day passes, group fitness and boutique studio options, or a “surprise me” filter, which highlights various fitness coaches and influencers’ top picks.

    Go2Practice will focus on the 20 million consumers that are currently searching for ancillary fitness experiences beyond their current gym memberships. Founder Joanna Stahl, fitness industry professional based in NYC, created Go2Practice from personal experience.

    “While traveling for work or visiting friends and family, if fitness is a part of your life it’s always a hassle to find your next workout” Stahl stated. “A commitment to “practice” was engrained in me as a life-long athlete and fitness professional. I realized there is no all-inclusive directory for turnkey access to the growing fitness choices across the US which is something other industries like hotels, restaurants, and transportation have done exceptionally well. Practice was born to make finding fitness seamless for everyone… offering yogis to endurance athletes to dancers and weightlifters to “go to practice” whenever they want and wherever they are.”

    Fueled by seed investor Launchpad Digital Health and individual investors, the Practice mobile site will be updating locations and adding new features frequently to provide infinite choices to always be inspired. “We have been searching to back the right entrepreneur in this relevant space for some time.  Go2Practice, with a robust business model, immediate ability to scale and led by Joanna Stahl is the most exciting company we’ve seen to date” expressed Mark Schwartz, Managing Partner LDH.

    Join in, it’s always time to go to Practice. Follow along on Instagram at @Go2Practice_Life and Facebook at @Go2Practice.

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    ABOUT Go2Practice: Go2Practice aggregates all fitness options across the U.S. to create the most all-inclusive fitness search engine on the web. Go2Practice was developed to provide a one-stop free resource for the increasing demand to access fitness options anywhere, anytime. Operationally streamlined, gyms will share their own pricing, class schedules and general policies. The Go2Practice database will grow as fitness locations come onboard and new facilities open offering fit fiends more and more options for their fitness needs. For more information, please visit: and 

  • What is Practice?
    The most complete fitness search tool available. Aggregating all fitness experiences across the US creating a destination for consumers to search and ultimately book an upcoming workout and a place for facilities to market and promote their clubs. We recommend that everyone has a home based gym membership, and then when you want to supplement a workout, while you`re traveling for business or pleasure, when you are visiting family for the weekend, when you on a college break, keep your healthy lifestyle going! As we introduce Go2Practice, the focus is on search and as more and more gyms join to allow on demand access to their clubs, you’ll be able to book directly for that next amazing workout! We are just getting started... stay tuned! 
  • Where can I use Practice?
    Search anywhere in the US. There are a zillion fitness options across the country waiting to be found!
  • Is there a limit to the number of times I can book a workout?
    The only limit is your motivation though please be careful not to double book yourself.
  • Is there a Go2Practice app that I can download on my phone? is optimized for both a desktop screen and your mobile device. Download the icon to your mobile device for quick click to search. 
  • Are there any memberships or fees?
    Go2Practice is a free service to search and book your next workout. There are no memberships offered and the fee’s of the workout are determined by the fitness facility.
  • What do I do when I arrive to my workout?
    Please check the “notes” section of the fitness facilities listing and the details on your purchase confirmation. Since all gyms are run a bit differently we have allotted space for clubs to share their directions directly to you.
  • How do I update my personal information?
    When you log into your Go2Practice account, you can edit your profile information and much much more in your dashboard.
  • Why is Practice asking personal questions in my profile?
    Go2Practice would like to offer you future recommendations based on your workout preferences and your fitness habits and goals. The “Surprise Me” feature is the beginning of this and one day we plan to direct you to relevant workout ideas to help you navigate new towns, help you achieve your fitness goals and make that next workout incredible! 
  • How do I link my Fitbit and other activity trackers?
    When you log into your Go2Practice account, you can edit your profile information and much much more in your dashboard. We will add more tracking devices in the future. Feel free to share your ideas here with us as to which tracking devices you use most or options you may want to have in your profile.
  • How can I change my password, email, personal information or delete my account?
    That is all listed in your account setting in your dashboard. Please login and check it out.
Gift Cards
  • The gift of fitness is coming soon and will be amazing. Your best friend in another state is having a bad day? You want to turn your happy hour to a workout together instead of drinks? Your holiday shopping ideas made simple from Valentine’s Day to Secretary Day to birthdays and so much more!
  • How do I get my fitness facility listed on your site?
    Excited to meet new business owners that are interested in being part of Go2Practice. Please check out the business site,  
  • How can I recommend an update to a club listing?
    On the club page there is a small link to click which will tell us that we need to check out the clubs listing details. It is at the bottom left hand side of the clubs page. You can also send us an email to report any issues. Thank you in advance for letting us know!
  • Why can’t I find a specific club on your site?

    There could be a chance we missed something. The goal of Go2Practice is to be all inclusive of all fitness facilities and as you can imagine, there are thousands upon thousands of fitness opportunities across the US. Please send us an email letting us know we missed a club! If you are a facility owner or manager please check out the business site,

  • How do I pay for a workout?
    To pay for a workout booked on Go2Practice, simply follow the instructions to use a credit card.
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    Go2Practice has a no refund policy. If you cancel or do not show up, you are still responsible for any fee`s associated with the purchase. 
  • I accidentally booked the workout incorrectly. What should I do?
    Go2Practice has a no refund policy. If the workout is for the current day or within 24 hours, you could contact the gym directly and see if they can help rectify the situation. If you booked incorrectly or need to contact us, please send an email promptly by clicking the "Need help?" link at the bottom of the site. 
  • Can I book a workout for someone else?
    The easy answer is “no”. Currently your contact name/email/personal details are directly linked only to your account and any purchase made deals with liability for the person making the purchase. We will soon have giftcards and ways to give the gift of fitness for someone else. If you have any comments or ideas here we would love to hear them.
  • Will I receive a confirmation of a purchase?
    Yes, you will receive an email confirmation of a purchase. You can also always log into the site and see your previous/upcoming workouts in your dashboard.
  • What payment methods are accepted? How do I add/update my credit card info?
    You can review all payment methods in your profile page and update your payment information anytime by logging in and going to your dashboard. 
  • I have a promo code but it was not applied to my purchase, how do I apply it?
    Promo codes are asked during the final payment steps. Simply apply the promo code and make sure it showcases the correct value before placing the final purchase. Reminder there are no refunds and sales are final. 
  • My credit card is getting denied what should I do?
    Please contact your credit card company to inquire about your account.
Terms & Conditions
  • What should I know before booking a workout?
    Three key things to remember: 1) Please read all of the information listed on the clubs page as the details for each fitness facility are often different. 2) There are no refunds so please book accordingly. 3) You are searching and booking based on club information, Go2Practice is aggregating this information for you. If you have specific questions on the workout types, fitness intensity levels, amenities or services being offered by the club, please contact the club directly.
  • Cancellation policy? What if I have a valid health reason?
    There are no refunds from Go2Practice. Fitness facilities may offer their own cancellation policy so please see the notes and terms & conditions. If you booked a workout more than a week in advance, please contact us via email with the details of the situation. 

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